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This has replaced the Caterham in so far as I hope to be able to use it for track day events (something different) and once fully sorted maybe a proper race event, we shall see?

HDE 43/16885 854 UXL was built in June 1956 as a left hand drive 1500 and was exported straight to the USA. Finished originally in Tyrolite green, as per the first 5 MGA's produced, and later dark green.  For approximately ten years she was used as a road car and for the next ten was raced in the SCCA series on the West Coast of America in the San Francisco region. Painted school bus yellow she was raced with a Huffaker race prepared 1600 3 bearing MGB engine, limited slip diff and all appropriate modifications. Her SCCA number was 33.105 and she raced with number 105f on the bodywork. 16885 was a successful car, probably due to the fact that it was raced as a 1600!, although in 1987 it was found to be an 1860cc +60 thou! We cannot trace any detail past this point, but at present we are in touch with the current SCCA historians who are looking for any printed history.

Re-imported into the UK in July 1987 the next 16 years saw a meticulous restoration as an early race car incorporating features  from the 1955 Le Mans cars and repainted in her original Tyrolite green. 

The car was finished with some period details including: aluminium panels, aluminium flooring, Huffaker 1800 60 thou over bored race engine, racing clutch, Le Mans screen, , lightweight aluminium rear view mirrors, period Lucas cut out switch, modified air intakes, Lucas flame thrower spotlight, oil cooler, limited slip diff, aluminium fuel tank, aluminium hand-made radiator and Kenlowe fan, micro cell leather covered 1960s racing seats, anti roll bar, drilled and lightened chassis and suspension where possible, Le Mans bonnet air scoop and vented bonnet.

A complete Maniflow exhaust system from the inlet manifold to the rear silencer.

Lightened MGA springs and adjustable lever arm shocks complement stiffer front springs and Avon CR6 ZZ keep her well in contact with the black stuff.

The winter of 2008-09 saw more changes, a close ratio helical gearbox to replace the standard box that had seen service for the past four years. The head was ported and flowed to maximum capacity and new valves, springs, rocker spacers and end posts were fitted. . A rear main bearing oil seal conversion makes sure oil does not pass to expensive race clutch. A new modified 719 profile camshaft, Dellorto carburettor, and Aldon ( Petronix) distributor were fitted. Discs with Mintex 1144pads now replace the drums on the front bringing her to a halt more efficiently.

The car was fitted with glass fibre wings for many years , but in order to comply with certain eligibility requirements and for originality a full set of hand made aluminium wings have being fitted and a full aluminium transmission tunnel replaces the steel item. An original profile aluminium front valance replaces the glass fibre one

The current minilite wheels whilst looking acceptable are also not in period and have been replaced with original steel wheels.

Many further alterations have now been completed, including removal of surplus metal i.e. bumper irons, battery box, washer bottle etc. A new lighter towing eye has been fitted that meets the regulations ( 60mm int. dia.)

The spotlight has been removed and panels have been made to fit inside the opening to direct air to the radiator, a similar arrangement has been done for the oil cooler. This will ensure adequate cooling is available and could be 'blocked off ' if found to run too cool.

An undertray in aluminium has been fitted from the front spoiler to the chassis , which should help to keep the engine bay clean and reduce some drag.

A  2 litre catch tank has been fitted to the bulkhead.

Competition (red) polybushes have been fitted to the lower A frame suspension arms, which have been extensively drilled for lightness.

The battery has been relocated to the near side on an aluminium frame, boot and bonnet stays replaced with aluminium , bonnet and boot release mechanisms removed and replaced with Dzus fasteners.

Fuel line re routed, rear wiring re routed and battery feed cable re routed , all done to avoid possible fractures or chafing. The fuel pump has been relocated to a more secure position on the chassis.

A Panhard rod has been designed and fitted, setting up was crucial to ensure the arc travelled was correct. We shall see how it works.

Brake and clutch pedals have been replaced by longer versions from a 1600cc car , this makes the pedal position much more comfortable.

The accelerator pedal can now be better positioned as the cable has been repositioned utilizing a purpose made bracket/airbox on the carburettor. This dispenses with the heavy metal twin cabled item. The airbox incorporating a fine stainless steel filter mesh, has been connected to the front grille using a neoprene sprung tube.

An FIA approved battery cut out switch has now been located on the front bulkhead with a remote lever on the front scuttle.

For 'safety' a variable rev limiter has also been wired in.


Before Latest modifications

Before Latest modifications

Before Latest modifications

New Wings

Front valance

Front Detail








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