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This is the latest toy to appear in the garage. As you can tell this is a bit of a departure from the normal area of interest.

The car has a 16 valve Vauxhall engine with a Quaife gearbox, ZF LSD , De dion axle and brake bias adjustment. Originally built by the Caterham factory in 1993/4 as a Vauxhall challenge car. since then it has undergone a number of changes to take the power up to approx 200BHP and 170 lb ft of torque.

Hopefully the Caterham will prove to be a reliable car ,which I hope to use for track days throughout the coming year.

Since buying the car I have carried out a service , changed the cam belt and fitted a new set of Avon CR500 tyres, with wider 7 inch rims to the rear. A single aeroscreen is used for track days which helps the overall performance?

The ZF differential has been overhauled by Road and Race , new bearings have been fitted and the ramp angles changed to account for the low weight of the car.

At the same time new wheel bearing were fitted as a precaution.

Pagid pads have been fitted and new discs to the rear have improved braking.

A competition Facet fuel pump with pressure regulator now feed the thirsty , but beautiful sounding , Twin 48 Weber carbs, and they are protected by a one piece ITG filter, which helps to keep the noise to around 98 decibels.

The ECU has been changed to a MBE967i together with a throttle potentiometer to allow 3D mapping.

The re map was done by Steve Greenald at Tracknroad.

I took the car , on a very wet day, to , 'Race Doctor' and had the car flat floored and corner weighted.

That as they say is that ( for now)

Well it was that BUT upgraditis got the better of me in Jan 2008 and a new engine was purchased and fitted.

The details are as follows:

Cylinder block - "HG1 Motorsport" type as selected for use in original Cavalier BTTC cars.  Block has been chemically cleaned, bored to 86.25mm, giving capacity of 2010cc.  Block is a pre 'low noise' version.

All bearings are an ACL Lead Indium compound type for sustained high rpm use without risk of delamination failure, as can occur with the standard GM reticular tin bearings. 

Engine includes all new early type metal cambelt idler pulley's, and water pump, all critical stressed bolts are new.

Crankshaft - early type C20XE lightweight, lower inertia version without the larger counterweights.  This makes for a cleaner revving engine, with less power lost to overcoming internal losses. Standard journal sizes.

Pistons by Accralite.  Forged and lightweight.  3 ring design for prolonged reliable use of this engine in a road car. Machined to provide 12:1 compression ratio.

Arrow Engineering EN23B , lightweight Steel Con Rods. New ARP rod bolts used during engine assembly.

New bearings, seals and gaskets throughout.

Rebuilt genuine GM oil pump

This later type GM head cylinder head has been fully overhauled, cleaned and ported. The head has also been inspected and cleared of any signs of pending porosity.

It is fitted with Piper Cams of a development profile, which unusually for an engine of this rating, use hydraulic tappets

The cams operate on valve gear using uprated duplex springs, uprated steel spring seats, and uprated titanium retainers, all for reliability at higher operating speeds.  The cams are timed using a set of Piper vernier type cam pulley's.

All new belts, auxiliary idler pulley's and bolts for the cam belt to ensure a long life. The cam cover has been cut for exposed belts and re- powder coated in Satin Black.

Clutch replaced with uprated Helix pressure plate assembly with new paddle clutch plate.

As a precaution ,a scored flywheel was replaced and a new Caterham hydraulic clutch cylinder fitted

The engine was assembled , mapped and carburetors set up by Northampton Motor sport , giving an output of 230BHP.

I decided that after nearly 2000 mainly track miles the body needed a bit of TLC. There was some corrosion beginning to appear in the usual area between the bottom side rail and the aluminum. The panels were removed and fortunately this was only very minor. the chassis was cleaned , rust proofed and repainted. A rubber strip was inserted between the chassis and all the aluminum to stop any further corrosion.

Finally a repaint in lotus green/yellow to complete the work.

Now in June 2011 I think I have had my fun with this car and it is time to move on.

Although totally up together and ready to go I think it is time for a younger person to campaign the car so reluctantly the car is now for sale.

Car has now been sold and I hope Simon gets as much pleasure from it as I have..

Old Engine

Old Engine

Old Engine

New Engine

Engine installed

Engine installed

Engine installed

May 2010

May 2010

May 2010

May 2010


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